Provided by: alliance_5.1.1-3_amd64 bug


       xsch - graphical schematic viewer


       xsch [-l file_name] [-xor] [-install] [-force] [-I input_format] [-slide file_name ...]


       Xsch  is  a  graphical  schematic  viewer.  All  functionnalities  can be accessed through
       different menus.  Xsch works under Motif and X11r6.  When entering Xsch, the  main  window
       appears  and  shows 5 different menus on the top bar. These menus can be entered by simply
       clicking on the mouse left button. Here is the description of these menus.

       File      Open : load an existing file. Note that a  file  with  the  same  name  and  the
                 extention  .xsc  can  be  used  to  attach  special  colors  and comments to all
                 displayed objects (see below for details).
                 Quit : quit xsch.

       Edit      Identify : identify a selected object.
                 Connected : highlight a selected object.
                 Search : search an object by its name.

       View      Zoom : perform zoom in, zoom out, center, fit, refresh on figure.
                 Layer : select types of layers displayed.
                 Map : show cursor position in the entire figure.
                 Arrows : show arrows for moving at the grid step.
                 Grid : Set the X,Y step of the grid if displayed.

       Tools     Hierarchy : enable user to browse into the design hierarchy.
                 Message : display the last error messages

       Setup     Save or load a user defined configuration of default displayed menus.


       +/-    Next or previous file in slide mode.


       -l file_name
              Load the file file_name (with or without extention)

       -xor   Two graphic cursor methods can be used, invert or xor.

       -force this option force all graphical objects to be displayed.

              Switch to a private color map.

       -I input_format
              Specifies the input format (vst(5), al(5), vbe(5))

       -slide file_name ...
              Enables slide mode, all specifies files will be displayed one by one using keys +/-
              in the graphic window.


       # Example of .xsc file
       # To attach a particular color and comment to a box :
       # B:box_name:color:comment
       # color is an integer from 0 to 32, or -1 for no_color
       # comment is a string
       B:my_box:0:this box should be blue
       B:another_box:-1:this won't change the box color
       # To attach a particular color and comment to a net :
       # N:net_name:color:comment
       N:my_net:15:this net should be green
       # To attach a particular color and comment to a connector :
       # C:connector_name:color:comment
       C:my_con:32:this connector should be red
       # To attach a particular color and comment to a path :
       # P:from_name:net_name:to_name:color:comment
       P:my_con:my_net:my_box:15:this path should be green


              indicates the path to the read only libraries to be used.

              indicates the path to the read directory for the session.

              indicates the file format to be used.

       XSCH_PARAM_NAME (optionnal)
              indicates the path to the parameter file used by Xsch.

       SEE ALSO
              mbk(1), MBK_CATA_LIB(1), MBK_WORK_LIB(1), PAT(5), asimut(1)