Provided by: ivtools-dev_1.2.11a2-4_amd64 bug


       MatchEditor - StringEditor with string completion


       #include <InterViews/compeditor.h>


       CompletionEditor is a StringEditor subclass with the added ability to complete the current
       contents of the edit buffer against a specified set of  strings.   A  CompletionEditor  is
       often  useful  when  a  user  must  specify  a  selection  from  a large set of well-known
       strings--the user need only type the first few characters of  the  string;  he  types  the
       completion character to fill out the remainder.

       When  the  user types the completion character, CompletionEditor checks the current string
       against the list of possible completions.  If the current string is a  prefix  of  one  or
       more  completion  strings,  characters  are  appended so that the edit string contains the
       longest common prefix; if the  current  string  does  not  match  any  completion  string,
       trailing  characters are removed until the string matches at least one completion.  In any
       case, if there is more than one possible completion of a  string,  CompletionEditor  rings
       the workstation bell.


       CompletionEditor(ButtonState*, const char* sample, const char* done)
              Create  a  new  CompletionEditor  object.   The  ButtonState,  sample  string,  and
              termination string are passed to the StringEditor constructor.

       void Completions(const char* completions[], int count, char complete)
              Specify the list of completion strings and the completion character.   The  initial
              completion  list  is  empty,  and  the  completion  character  defaults to a space.
              CompletionEditor does not copy the strings in the list.