Provided by: libdebbugs-perl_2.6.0_all bug


       Debbugs::MIME -- Mime handling routines for debbugs


        use Debbugs::MIME qw(parse decode_rfc1522);



       None known.

            create_mime_message([To=>''],$body,[$attach1, $attach2],$include_date);

       Creates a MIME encoded message with headers given by the first argument, and a message
       given by the second.

       Optional attachments can be specified in the third arrayref argument.

       Whether to include the date in the header is the final argument; it defaults to true,
       setting the Date header if one is not already present.

       Headers are passed directly to MIME::Entity::build, the message is the first attachment.

       Each of the elements of the attachment arrayref is attached as an rfc822 message if it is
       a scalar or an arrayref; otherwise if it is a hashref, the contents are passed as an
       argument to MIME::Entity::attach

           decode_rfc1522('=?iso-8859-1?Q?D=F6n_Armstr=F3ng?= <>')

       Turn RFC-1522 names into the UTF-8 equivalent.

            encode_rfc1522('Dön Armströng <>')

       Encodes headers according to the RFC1522 standard by calling MIME::Words::encode_mimeword
       on distinct words as appropriate.