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       Debian::LicenseReconcile::Filter::Shebang - applies licensecheck to probable scripts


       Version 0.17


           use Debian::LicenseReconcile::Filter::Shebang;

           my $filter = Debian::LicenseReconcile::Filter::Rules->new(
           my @info = $filter->get_info();


       Returns a list of hash references describing copyright and license information that should
       be checked against the copyright target. The results returned are those obtained by
       applying the rules in the config file in sequence and applying licensecheck to any file
       that matches one of the rules.  Each rule might have the following fields:

       - Glob (optional) - a file glob to limit which files the rule applies to.
       - Contains (optional) - a piece of text which the file must contain for the rule to apply.
       - Matches (optional) - an extended regular expression which the file contents must match
       for the rule to apply.
       - MMagic (optional) - a string which must equal the magic value obtained from File::MMagic
       for the rule to apply.
       - MaxVersion (optional) - an upstream version string after which the rule will not be
       applied. This is recommended unless you are certain that the rule is robust so that the
       rule will be regularly reviewed.

       The default rules are to check any file starting with '#!', hence the name.  Normal
       recursive use of licensecheck might not find these files as it might not have one of the
       file extensions that licensecheck looks for.


       Nicholas Bamber, "<nicholas at>"


       Copyright 2012, 2015, Nicholas Bamber "<nicholas at>".

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of
       either: the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; or
       the Artistic License.

       See for more information.

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