Provided by: libdpkg-perl_1.19.7ubuntu2_all bug


       Dpkg::Control::Tests::Entry - represents a test suite entry


       This object represents a test suite entry.


       All the methods of Dpkg::Control are available. Those listed below are either new or
       overridden with a different behavior.

       $entry = Dpkg::Control::Tests::Entry->new()
           Creates a new object. It does not represent a real control test entry until one has
           been successfully parsed or built from scratch.

       $entry->parse($fh, $desc)
           Parse a control test entry from a filehandle. When called multiple times, the parsed
           fields are accumulated.

           Returns true if parsing was a success.


   Version 1.00 (dpkg 1.18.8)
       Mark the module as public.