Provided by: alliance_5.1.1-3_amd64 bug


       GENLIB_LOCAP - add a logical capacitor to the current netlist figure


       #include <genlib.h>

       void GENLIB_LOCAP(type,capa,tcon,bcon,name)
       char type ;
       double capa ;
       char ∗tcon, ∗bcon ;
       char ∗name ;


       type                Type of the capacitor to be created in the current figure

       capa                Capacitance value.

       tcon, bcon          Name  of the signals on which the given capacitor connectors are to be
                           linked. tcon is the top plate, bcon is the bottom plate.

       name                Capacitor name. The unicity of the name is not checked.


       LOCAP adds a logical capacitor to the current working figure. This capacitor has  each  of
       its  pin  logicaly linked to the adequat signal given as parameter.  The type attribut may
       take the following values:

       CAPMIM for a MIM (metal/metal) type capacitor. The top plate (tcon) and the  bottom  plate
              (bcon) layers are different metal layers.

              for  a  POLY/NWELL type capacitor. The top plate layer is POLY, the bottom plate is
              NWELL. Please note: this feature is not available in any technology.


       "GENLIB_LOCAP impossible : missing GENLIB_DEF_LOFIG"
              No figure has been yet specified by a call to DEF_LOFIG. So it  isn't  possible  to
              add anything. you must call DEF_LOFIG before any other netlist call.


       #include <genlib.h>

       int main(int argc,char ∗argv[])
         /∗ Create a figure to work on, a parallel capacitor ∗/
         GENLIB_DEF_LOFIG("parallel_cap") ;

         /∗ Define interface ∗/
         GENLIB_LOCON("i",IN,"input") ;
         GENLIB_LOCON("f",OUT,"output") ;

         /∗ Add capacitors ∗/
         GENLIB_LOCAP(CAPMIM,5.1,"input","output","cap1") ;
         GENLIB_LOCAP(CAPMIM,5.2,"input","output","cap2") ;

         /∗ Save all that on disk ∗/
         GENLIB_SAVE_LOFIG() ;

         return 0 ;


       genlib(1), GENLIB_BUS(3), GENLIB_ELM(3), GENLIB_LOINS(3), GENLIB_LOCON(3).