Provided by: im_153-3_all bug


       IM::Config - confiugration for IM


        use IM::Config;

       Subroutines: read_cfg_selector init_opt read_env read_cfg read_opt set_selector
       used_selectors sanity_check help home_dir conf_dir mail_dir mail_path news_dir news_path
       queue_dir queue_path inbox_folder draft_folder trash_folder config_cases config_case_inbox
       preserve_dot folder_mode msg_mode allowcrlf use_cl no_sync fsync_no preferred_fsync_no
       addrbook_file aliases_file petname_file mail_folders_file context_file getchksbr_file
       getsbr_file scansbr_file scan_header_pick address addresses_regex msgdbfile msgdbtype
       mbox_style mbox_filter nntpservers nntphistoryfile nntpauthuser set_nntpauthuser
       popaccount pophistoryfile imapaccount smtpaccount httpproxy noproxy usepwagent pwagentport
       pwagent_tmp_dir pwagent_tmp_path usepwfiles pwfiles expand_path use_xdispatcher
       usetouchfile touchfile namazuv2 namazu_dir namazu_path namazu_lock_dir namazu_lock_path
       mknmz_options mknmz_include_file mknmz_ignore_folders_regex pop_timeout imap_timeout
       nntp_timeout dns_timeout connect_timeout command_timeout rcv_buf_siz db_type file_attr


       The IM::Config module is for configuration of IM.

       This modules is provided by IM (Internet Message).


       IM (Internet Message) is copyrighted by IM developing team.  You can redistribute it
       and/or modify it under the modified BSD license.  See the copyright file for more details.