Provided by: ivtools-dev_1.2.11a2-4_amd64 bug


       ImportCmd - import a graphical component


       #include <Unidraw/Commands/import.h>


       ImportCmd  imports a graphical image from a file into the drawing being edited.  ImportCmd
       supports the following file formats: TIFF; PostScript generated by pgmtops and ppmtops;  X
       bitmap format; and Unidraw format.


       ImportCmd(ControlInfo*, FileChooser* = nil)
       ImportCmd(Editor* = nil, FileChooser* = nil)
              Create  a  new  ImportCmd  instance, optionally supplying the FileChooser that will
              prompt the user to specify the file to import.  After the user specifies the  file,
              ImportCmd  reads it, creates an appropriate graphical component, and pastes it into
              the component being edited in the enclosing editor.

       static GraphicComp* Import(const char*)
       static GraphicComp* TIFF_Image(const char*)
       static GraphicComp* PGM_Image(const char*)
       static GraphicComp* PPM_Image(const char*)
       static GraphicComp* XBitmap_Image(const char*)
              Operations for reading data from various file formats and creating  an  appropriate
              graphical  component.   TIFF_Image,  PGM_Image, PPM_Image, and XBitmap_Image assume
              that the specified file is in the corresponding format.  Import is more general: it
              determines the format from the file and then calls one of the other functions.


       void Init(FileChooser*)
              Specify   the  FileChooser  instance  (stored  in  the  _dialog  protected  member)
              explicitly.  This operation does not delete the existing instance, if any.

       GraphicComp* PostDialog()
              Post the FileChooser and return the graphical  component  created  from  the  user-
              specified file, if any.


       Catalog(3U),   Command(3U),   FileChooser(3I),   GraphicComp(3U),  bitmap(1),  pgmtops(1),