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       MooX::ShortHas - shortcuts for common Moo has attribute configurations


       version 1.190320


       Instead of:

           use Moo;

           has hro => is => ro => required => 1;
           has hlazy => is => lazy => builder => sub { 2 };
           has hrwp => is => rwp => required => 1;
           has hrw => is => rw => required => 1;

       You can now write:

           use Moo;
           use MooX::ShortHas;

           ro "hro";
           lazy hlazy => sub { 2 };
           rwp "hrwp";
           rw "hrw";

       And options can be added or overridden by appending them:

           ro hro_opt => required => 0;


       Moo's "has" asks developers to repeat themselves a lot to set up attributes, and since its
       inceptions the most common configurations of attributes have crystallized through long

       This module provides sugar shortcuts that wrap around has under the appropriate names to
       reduce the effort of setting up an attribute to naming it with a shortcut.


   ro, rwp, rw
       These three work the same, they convert a call like this:

           ro $name => @extra_args;

       To this corresponding has call:

           has $name => is => ro => required => 1 => @extra_args;

       The appending of extra args  makes it easy to override the required if necessary.

       This one is slightly different than the others, as lazy arguments don't require a
       constructor value, but almost always want a builder of some kind:

           lazy $name => @extra_args;

       Corresponds to:

           has $name => is => lazy => builder => @extra_args;

       The first extra argument is thus expected to be any of the values appropriate for the
       builder option.


       ·   Mu - automatically wraps this module into Moo

       ·   Mu::Role - automatically wraps this module into Moo::Role

       ·   Mus - Mu but with slightly more typing and strict constructors


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       Christian Walde <>


       mst - Matt S. Trout (cpan:MSTROUT) <>


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