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       Net::GitHub - Perl Interface for


           use Net::GitHub;

           my $github = Net::GitHub->new(  # Net::GitHub::V3
               login => 'fayland', pass => 'secret'

           # If you use two factor authentication you can pass in the OTP. Do
           # note that OTPs expire quickly and you will need to generate an oauth
           # token to do anything non-trivial.
           my $github = Net::GitHub->new(
               login =>   'fayland',
               pass =>    'secret',
               otp =>     '123456',

           # Pass api_url for GitHub Enterprise installations. Do not include a
           # trailing slash
           my $github = Net::GitHub->new(  # Net::GitHub::V3
               login =>   'fayland',
               pass =>    'secret',
               api_url => ''

           # suggested
           # use OAuth to create token with user/pass
           my $github = Net::GitHub->new(  # Net::GitHub::V3
               access_token => $token

           # L<Net::GitHub::V3::Users>
           my $user = $github->user->show('nothingmuch');
           $github->user->update( bio => 'Just Another Perl Programmer' );

           # L<Net::GitHub::V3::Repos>
           my @repos = $github->repos->list;
           my $rp = $github->repos->create( {
               "name" => "Hello-World",
               "description" => "This is your first repo",
               "homepage" => ""
           } );


       <> is a popular git host.

       This distribution provides easy methods to access GitHub via their APIs.

       Check <> for more details of the GitHub APIs.

       Read Net::GitHub::V3 for API usage.

       Read Net::GitHub::V4 for GitHub GraphQL API.

       If you prefer object oriented way, Pithub is 'There is more than one way to do it'.

       ยท   create access_token for Non-Web Application

               my $gh = Net::GitHub::V3->new( login => 'fayland', pass => 'secret' );
               my $oauth = $gh->oauth;
               my $o = $oauth->create_authorization( {
                   scopes => ['user', 'public_repo', 'repo', 'gist'], # just ['public_repo']
                   note   => 'test purpose',
               } );
               print $o->{token};

           after create the token, you can use it without your password publicly written

               my $github = Net::GitHub->new(
                   access_token => $token, # from above






       Fayland Lam, "<fayland at>"

       Everyone who is listed in Changes.


       Copyright 2009-2012 Fayland Lam all rights reserved.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.