Provided by: libnet-github-perl_0.95-1_all bug


       Net::GitHub::V3::ResultSet - GitHub query iteration helper


       For use by the role Net::GitHub::V3::Query:

           use Net::GitHub::V3::ResultSet;

           $result_set = Net::GitHub::V3::ResultSet->new( url => $url );


       Objects in this class store the current status of a GitHub query while the user iterates
       over individual items.  This happens behind the scenes, users of Net::GitHub::V3 don't
       need to know about this class.

       Each of the V3 submodules holds one of these objects for every different pageable query
       which it handles.

       The attributes have the following function:

       url Required for creating the object: This is the URL where a pageable GitHub query
           starts, and this URL will be used to identify the pagination when retrieving the next
           object, and also for the first call to the GitHub API.

           An array reference holding the current page as retrieved by the most recent call to
           the GitHub API.

           An integer pointing to the "next" position within the current page from which the next
           method will fetch an item.

           A boolean indicating that there's no more item to be fetched from the API: The current
           results are the last.

           The url from which more results can be fetched.  Will be empty if there are no more