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       Net::Hotline::FileListItem - File object used internally by Net::Hotline::Client


           use Net::Hotline::FileListItem;

           $file = new Net::Hotline::FileListItem;



       Net::Hotline::FileListItem is a simple class for storing and retrieving file information,
       You should never have to create your own Net::Hotline::FileListItem objects when using
       Net::Hotline::Client.  Getting and (to a lesser extent) setting attributes is all that
       should be necessary.


       new Creates a new Net::Hotline::FileListItem object with all attributes set to undef (or
           zero for numeric attributes).


       All the Net::Hotline::FileListItem methods are simple attribute get/set routines.  If
       given an argument, they set an attribute.  In all cases, they return the current value of
       the attribute.

       creator TEXT
           The file creator, given as a four-letter Mac OS creator code ("TTXT", "SIT!", etc.)

       name TEXT
           The file name.

       size NUM
           The size of the file in bytes.

       type TEXT
           The file type, given as a four-letter Mac OS type code ("TEXT", "PICT", etc.)  or
           Net::Hotline::Constants::HTLC_FOLDER_TYPE for folders.


       John C. Siracusa (


       Copyright(c) 1999 by John Siracusa.  All rights reserved.  This program is free software;
       you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.