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       Net::Jabber::Key - Jabber Key Library


         Net::Jabber::Key is a module that provides a developer easy access
         to generating, caching, and comparing keys.

 is a helper module for the Net::Jabber::Transport.  When the
         Transport talks to a Client it sends a key and expects to get that
         key back from the Client.  This module provides an API to generate,
         cache, and then compare the key send from the Client.

   Basic Functions
           $Key = new Net::Jabber::Key();

           $key = $Key->Generate();

           $key = $Key->Create("bob\");

           $test = $Key->Compare("bob\","some key");


   Basic Functions
           new(debug=>string,       - creates the Key object.  debug should
               debugfh=>FileHandle,   be set to the path for the debug
               debuglevel=>integer)   log to be written.  If set to "stdout"
                                      then the debug will go there.  Also, you
                                      can specify a filehandle that already
                                      exists and use that.  debuglevel controls
                                      the amount of debug.  0 is none, 1 is
                                      normal, 2 is all.

           Generate() - returns a key in Digest SHA1 form based on the current
                        time and the PID.

           Create(cacheString) - generates a key and caches it with the key
                                 of cacheString.  Create returns the key.

           Compare(cacheString, - compares the key stored in the cache under
                   keyString)     cacheString with the keyString.  Returns 1
                                  if they match, and 0 otherwise.


       By Ryan Eatmon in May of 2000 for


       This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.