Provided by: libnet-ldns-perl_0.75-6_amd64 bug


       Net::LDNS::RR::RRSIG - Type RRSIG record


       A subclass of Net::LDNS::RR, so it has all the methods of that class available in addition
       to the ones documented here.


           Returns a string with the name of the RR type this signature covers.

           Returns the algorithm number.

           Returns the number of labels that was used to calculate the signature.

           Returns the original TTL value.

           Returns the expiration time, as a time_t.

           Returns the inception time, as a time_t.

           Returns the keytag.

           Returns the signer name.

           Returns the cryptographic signture in binary form.

       verify($rrset_ref, $key_ref)
           Cryptographically verifies that the signature in this object matches the given RRset
           and at least one of the given keys. $rrset_ref should be a reference to an array of RR
           objects, and $key_ref a reference to an array of Net::LDNS::RR::DNSKEY objects. This
           method simply returns a true or false value, depending on the result och the check.

       verify_str($rrset_ref, $key_ref)
           Takes exactly the same arguments as verify() and performs the same action, but instead
           of true/false it returns a string describing the result.  In the case of a successful
           result the message will be "All OK". For negative results, the string will describe
           the reason the verification failed.

       verify_time($rrset_ref, $key_ref, $time, $msg)
           This is the XS method doing the work for the previous two methods. $rrset_ref and
           $key_ref are the same as for the other methods. $time is the "time_t" value for which
           the validation should be made (for the previous two methods it is set to the current
           computer time). $msg should be a writable scalar, and the string message describing
           the result will be but in it. The return value from the method is true/false.