Provided by: libnet-openid-common-perl_1.20-1_all bug


       Net::OpenID::Extension::SimpleRegistration - Support for the Simple Registration extension


       version 1.20


       In Consumer...

           my $sreg_req = $claimed_identity->add_extension_request('Net::OpenID::Extension::SimpleRegistration', (
               required_fields => [qw(nickname email)],
               optional_fields => [qw(country language timezone)],
               policy_url => "",

       Then, in Server, when handling the authentication request...

           # FIXME: What object do we have in ::Server that can hold this method?
           my $sreg_req = $something->get_extension_request('Net::OpenID::Extension::SimpleRegistration');
           my $required_fields = $sreg_req->required_fields;
           my $optional_fields = $sreg_req->optional_fields;
           my $policy_url = $sreg_req->policy_url;

       When Server sends back its response...

           # FIXME: Again, what object do we have to hold this method?
           my $sreg_res = $something->add_extension_response('Net::OpenID::Extension::SimpleRegistration', (
               nickname => $nickname,
               email => $email,

       And finally, when back in Consumer receiving the response:

           my $sreg_res = $verified_identity->get_extension_response('Net::OpenID::Extension::SimpleRegistration');
           my $nickname = $sreg_res->nickname;
           my $email = $sreg_res->email;
           my $country = $sreg_res->country;
           my $language = $sreg_res->language;
           my $timezone = $sreg_res->timezone;

perl v5.22.1                                2016-0Net::OpenID::Extension::SimpleRegistration(3pm)