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       Net::OpenID::Yadis - Perform Yadis discovery on URLs


       version 1.20


         use Net::OpenID::Yadis;

         my $disc = Net::OpenID::Yadis->new(
             consumer => $consumer, # Net::OpenID::Consumer object

         my $xrd = $disc->discover("") or Carp::croak($disc->err);

         print $disc->identity_url;       # Yadis URL (Final URL if redirected)
         print $disc->xrd_url;            # Yadis Resourse Descriptor URL

         foreach my $srv (@$xrd) {        # Loop for Each Service in Yadis Resourse Descriptor
           print $srv->priority;          # Service priority (sorted)
           print $srv->Type;              # Identifier of some version of some service (scalar, array or array ref)
           print $srv->URI;               # URI that resolves to a resource providing the service (scalar, array or array ref)
           print $srv->extra_field("Delegate","");
                                          # Extra field of some service

         # If you are interested only in OpenID. (either 1.1 or 2.0)
         my $xrd = $self->services(

         # If you want to choose random server by code-ref.
         my $xrd = $self->services(sub{($_[int(rand(@_))])});


       This module provides an implementation of the Yadis protocol, which does XRDS-based
       service discovery on URLs.

       This module was originally developed by OHTSUKA Ko-hei as Net::Yadis::Discovery, but was
       forked and simplified for inclusion in the core OpenID Consumer package.

       This simplified version is tailored for the needs of Net::OpenID::Consumer; for other
       uses, Net::Yadis::Discovery is probably a better choice.


           my $disc = Net::OpenID::Yadis->new([ %opts ]);

           You can set the "consumer" in the constructor.  See the corresponding method
           description below.


       This module exports three constant values to use with discover method.

           If you set this, module check Yadis URL start from HTTP GET request. This is the

           If you set this, this module consider Yadis URL as Yadis Resource Descriptor URL.  If
           not so, an error is returned.


           Get or set the Net::OpenID::Consumer object that this object is associated with.

           Given a user-entered $url (which could be missing http://, or have extra whitespace,
           etc), returns either array/array ref of Net::OpenID::Yadis::Service objects, or undef
           on failure.

           $request_method is optional, and if set this, you can change the HTTP request method
           of fetching Yadis URL.  See EXPORT to know the value you can set, and default is

           If this method returns undef, you can rely on the following errors codes (from
           $csr->errcode) to decide what to present to the user:

           Returns array/array ref of Net::OpenID::Yadis objects.  It is same what could be got
           by discover method.

           Returns Yadis URL.  If not redirected, it is same with the argument of discover

           Returns Yadis Resource Descriptor URL.

           Filter method of xrd_objects.

           If no option is defined, returns same result with xrd_objects method.

           protocol names or Type URLs are given, filter only given protocol.  Two or more
           protocols are given, return and results of filtering.


           If reference of version numbers array is given after protocol names, filter only given
           version of protocol.


           If you want to use version numbers limitation with type URL, you can use \ver as place
           holder of version number.


           If code reference is given as argument , you can make your own filter rule.  code
           reference is executed at the last of filtering logic, like this:

             @results = $code_ref->(@temporary_results)

           Sample: If you want to filter OpenID server and get only first one:
             ($openid_server) = $disc->servers("openid",sub{$_[0]});

           Returns the last error, in form "errcode: errtext"

           Returns the last error code.

           Returns the last error text.


       This module is Copyright (c) 2006 OHTSUKA Ko-hei.  All rights reserved.

       You may distribute under the terms of either the GNU General Public License or the
       Artistic License, as specified in the Perl README file.


       This is free software. IT COMES WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND.


       Yadis website:  <>




       Based on Net::Yadis::Discovery by OHTSUKA Ko-hei <>

       Martin Atkins <>