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       "Net::Prometheus::ProcessCollector::linux" - Process Collector for linux OS


          use Net::Prometheus;
          use Net::Prometheus::ProcessCollector::linux;

          my $prometheus = Net::Prometheus->new;

          $prometheus->register( Net::Prometheus::ProcessCollector::linux->new );


       This class provides a Net::Prometheus collector instance to provide process-wide metrics
       for a process running on the linux operating system.

       At collection time, if the requested process does not exist, no metrics are returned.

   Other Process Collection
       The "pid" argument allows the collector to collect from processes other than the one
       actually running the code.

       Note also that scraping processes owned by other users may not be possible for non-root
       users. In particular, most systems do not let non-root users see the "proc/self/fd"
       directory of processes they don't own. In this case, the "process_open_fds" metric will
       not be returned.


          $collector = Net::Prometheus::ProcessCollector::linux->new( %args )

       As well as the default arguments supported by Net::Prometheus::ProcessCollector, the
       following extra named arguments are recognised:

       pid => STR
           The numerical PID to collect information about; defaults to the string "self" allowing
           the exporter to collect information about itself, even over fork calls.

           If the collector is collecting from "self" or from a numerical PID that matches its
           own PID, then it will subtract 1 from the count of open file handles, to account for
           the "readdir()" handle being used to collect that count. If it is collecting a
           different process, it will not.


       Paul Evans <>

perl v5.28.0                                2018-10-Net::Prometheus::ProcessCollector::linux(3pm)