Provided by: libnet-write-perl_1.10-1_all bug


       Net::Write - a portable interface to open and send raw data to network


       Net::Write provides a portable interface to open a network interface, and be able to write
       raw data directly to the network. It juste provides three methods when a Net::Write object
       has been created for an interface: open, send, close.

       It is possible to open a network interface to send frames at layer 2 (you craft a frame
       from link layer), or at layer 3 (you craft a frame from network layer), or at layer 4 (you
       craft a frame from transport layer).

       NOTE: not all operating systems support all layer opening. Currently, Windows only
       supports opening and sending at layer 2. Other Unix systems should be able to open and
       send at all layers.


       Net::Write::Layer, Net::Write::Layer2, Net::Write::Layer3, Net::Write::Layer4


       Patrice <GomoR> Auffret


       Copyright (c) 2006-2015, Patrice <GomoR> Auffret

       You may distribute this module under the terms of the Artistic license.  See
       LICENSE.Artistic file in the source distribution archive.