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       PDF::Writer - PDF writer abstraction layer


       This document describes version 0.05 of PDF::Writer, released Oct 25, 2005.


         use PDF::Writer;

         # Or, to explicitly specify a back-end ...
         use PDF::Writer 'pdflib';
         use PDF::Writer 'pdfapi2';
         use PDF::Writer 'mock';

         my $writer = PDF::Writer->new;


       This is a generalized API that allows a module that generates PDFs to transparently target
       multiple backends without changing its code. The currently supported backends are:

       ·   PDF::API2

           Available from CPAN

       ·   PDFlib (versions 3+)

           Available from "/" in http;. There is both a pay and free version.
           PDF::Writer will work with both, within their limitations. Please see the appropriate
           documentation for details.

       ·   Mock

           This allows modules that target PDF::Writer to write their tests against a mock
           interface. Please see PDF::Writer::mock for more information.

       If both PDF::API2 and pdflib_pl are available, PDF::API2 is preferred. If neither is
       available, a run-time exception will be thrown. You must explicitly load the
       PDF::Writer::mock driver, if you wish to use it.


       ·   new()

           This acts as a factory, loading the appropriate PDF::Writer driver.


       We use Devel::Cover to test the code coverage of our tests. Below is the Devel::Cover
       report on this module's test suite.


       Originally written by:

       Autrijus Tang <>

       Currently maintained by:

       Rob Kinyon <>

       Stevan Little <>

       Thanks to Infinity Interactive for generously donating our time.


       Copyright 2004, 2005 by Autrijus Tang <>.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.

       See <>