Provided by: libpoe-perl_1.3670-2_all bug


       POE::Pipe - Deprecated and replaced with delegates to IO::Pipely.


       See IO::Pipely.


       On June 29, 2012, POE::Pipe and its subclasses, POE::Pipe::OneWay and POE::Pipe::TwoWay
       were released to CPAN as IO::Pipely.  The POE::Pipe family of modules remained unchanged
       in POE's distribution.

       On August 18, 2013, POE::Pipe and its subclasses were gutted.  Their implementations were
       replaced with delegates to IO::Pipely.  All tests pass, although the delegates add slight
       overhead.  The documentation was replaced by this deprecation schedule.

       A mandatory deprecation warning is scheduled to be released after September 2014.  POE
       will begin using IO::Pipely directly.  This documentation will be updated to schedule the
       next deprecation step.

       The mandatory warning will become a mandatory error a year or so later.  Ideally this will
       occur in August 2015, but it may be delayed due to POE's release schedule.  This
       documentation will be updated to schedule the final deprecation step.

       Finally, in August 2016 or later, POE::Pipe and its subclasses will be removed from POE's
       distribution altogether.  Users will have had at least four years to update their code.
       That seems fair.




       The POE::Pipe is copyright 2001-2013 by Rocco Caputo.  All rights reserved.  POE::Pipe is
       free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl