Provided by: libparse-debcontrol-perl_2.005-4_all bug


       Parse::DebControl::Patch - Easy OO parsing of debian patch file metadata (DEP3) data


           use Parse::DebControl::Patch

           $parser = new Parse::DebControl::Patch;

           $data = $parser->parse_mem($control_data, $options);
           $data = $parser->parse_file('./debian/control', $options);
           $data = $parser->parse_web($url, $options);


           The patch-file metadata specification (DEP3) diverts from the normal debian/control
           rules primarly of the "free-form" field specification. To handle this we most create
           an parser specifically for this format and hardcode these rules direclty into the code.

           As we will always only have one block of data, we will return the hashref directly
           instead of enclosing it into an array.

           The field B<Forwarded> is magic and will always exists in the out data, even if not specified
           in the indata. It can only have three values, I<yes>, I<no>, and I<not-needed>. If not specified
           it will have the value I<yes>.


       Parse::DebControl is copyright 2003,2004 Jay Bonci <>.
       Parse::DebControl::Patch is copyright 2009 Carl Fuerstenberg <>.  This
       program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as
       Perl itself.