Provided by: libparse-mediawikidump-perl_1.0.6-2_all bug


       Parse::MediaWikiDump - Tools to process MediaWiki dump files


         use Parse::MediaWikiDump;

         $pmwd = Parse::MediaWikiDump->new;

         $pages = $pmwd->pages('pages-articles.xml');
         $revisions = $pmwd->revisions('pages-articles.xml');
         $links = $pmwd->links('links.sql');


       This software suite provides the tools needed to process the contents of the XML page dump
       files and the SQL based links dump file.


       This software is being RETIRED - MediaWiki::DumpFile is the official successor to
       Parse::MediaWikiDump and includes a compatibility library called
       MediaWiki::DumpFile::Compat that is 100% API compatible and is a near perfect standin for
       this module. It is faster in all instances where it counts and is actively maintained. Any
       undocumented deviation of MediaWiki::DumpFile::Compat from Parse::MediaWikiDump is
       considered a bug and will be fixed.

       Please begin using MediaWiki::DumpFile::Compat immediately as a replacement for this
       module. There will be no more features added to this software suite and bugs may not be
       fixed. Parse::MediaWikiDump::Pages used to check the version of the dump file it is
       parsing and reject versions it does not know about; this behavior has been removed. The
       parser will now continue in this instance and hope for the best. This way this software
       will continue to run into the future with out requiring further adjustment for as long as
       the upstream fileformat remains compatible.

       In the event there is an unfixable bug or the dump file format changes in an incompatible
       way the Parse::MediaWikiDump module as a whole wil be replaced with a stub that brings in
       MediaWiki::DumpFile::Compat - this may never need to happen but it is the plan for when it
       does. Migrating on your terms instead of being forced to if this happens is suggested.


       This module is a factory class that allows you to create instances of the individual
       parser objects.

           Returns a Parse::MediaWikiDump::Pages object capable of parsing an article XML dump
           file with one revision per each article.

           Returns a Parse::MediaWikiDump::Revisions object capable of parsing an article XML
           dump file with multiple revisions per each article.

           Returns a Parse::MediaWikiDump::Links object capable of parsing an article links SQL
           dump file.

       All parser creation invocations require a location of source data to parse; this argument
       can be either a filename or a reference to an already open filehandle. This entire
       software suite will die() upon errors in the file or if internal inconsistencies have been
       detected. If this concerns you then you can wrap the portion of your code that uses these
       calls with eval().


       This module was created, documented, and is maintained by Tyler Riddle

       Fix for bug 36255 "Parse::MediaWikiDump::page::namespace may return a string which is not
       really a namespace" provided by Amir E. Aharoni.


       Please report any bugs or feature requests to "", or
       through the web interface at
       <>.  I will be notified,
       and then you'll automatically be notified of progress on your bug as I make changes.

   Known Bugs
       No known bugs at this time.


       Copyright 2005 Tyler Riddle, all rights reserved.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.