Provided by: libparse-mediawikidump-perl_1.0.6-2_all bug


       Parse::MediaWikiDump::link - Object representing a link from one article to another


       This object is used to access the data associated with each individual link between
       articles in a MediaWiki instance.


       This software is being RETIRED - MediaWiki::DumpFile is the official successor to
       Parse::MediaWikiDump and includes a compatibility library called
       MediaWiki::DumpFile::Compat that is 100% API compatible and is a near perfect standin for
       this module. It is faster in all instances where it counts and is actively maintained. Any
       undocumented deviation of MediaWiki::DumpFile::Compat from Parse::MediaWikiDump is
       considered a bug and will be fixed.


           Returns the article id (not the name) that the link orginiates from.

           Returns the namespace id (not the name) that the link points to

           Returns the article title (not the id and not including the namespace) that the link
           points to