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       Path::FindDev::Object - Object oriented guts to FindDev


       version v0.5.3


           require Path::FindDev::Object;
           my $finder = Path::FindDev::Object->new();
           my $dev = $finder->find_dev($path);


       This module implements the innards of "Path::FindDev", and is only recommended for use if
       the Exporter "API" is insufficient for your needs.


       Determines if the "set" attribute exists

       Determines if the "uplevel_max" attribute is provided.

       Find a parent at, or above $OtherPath that resembles a "devel" directory.

           my $path = $object->find_dev( $OtherPath );



       The "Path::IsDev::HeuristicSet" subclass for your desired Heuristics.

       If provided, limits the number of "uplevel" iterations done.

       ( that is, limits the number of times it will step up the hierarchy )

       The number of "dev" directories to "ignore" in the hierarchy.

       This is provided in the event you have a "dev" directory within a "dev" directory, and you
       wish to resolve an outer directory instead of an inner one.

       By default, this is 0, or "stop at the first "dev" directory"

       The "Path::IsDev" object that checks nodes for "dev"-ishness.


       An opportunistic sequence number for help with debug messages.

       Note: This is not guaranteed to be unique per instance, only guaranteed to be constant
       within the life of the object.

       Based on "refaddr", and giving out new ids when new "refaddr"'s are seen.

           my $id = $object->_instance_id;

       "BUILD" is an implementation detail of "Moo"/"Moose".

       This module hooks "BUILD" to give a self report of the object to *STDERR after "->new"
       when under $DEBUG

       The debugger callback.

           export PATH_FINDDEV_DEBUG=1

       to get debug info.


       The error reporting callback.


       Inner code path of tree walking.

           my ($dev_levels, $uplevels ) = (0,0);

           my $result = $object->_step( path($somepath), \$dev_levels, \$uplevels );

           $result->{type} eq 'stop'   # if flow control should end
           $result->{type} eq 'next'   # if flow control should ascend to parent
           $result->{type} eq 'found'  # if flow control has found the "final" dev directory


       Kent Fredric <>


       This software is copyright (c) 2017 by Kent Fredric <>.

       This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as
       the Perl 5 programming language system itself.