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       Perl::Critic::Policy::Miscellanea::TextDomainUnused - check for Locale::TextDomain
       imported but unused


       This policy is part of the "Perl::Critic::Pulp" add-on.  It reports when you have
       "Locale::TextDomain" like

           use Locale::TextDomain ('MyMessageDomain');

       but then don't use any of its functions or variables

           __ __x __n __nx __xn
           __p __px __np __npx
           N__ N__n N__p N__np
           %__ $__

       "Locale::TextDomain" is not needed when not used, but it's also not actively harmful so
       this policy is only low severity and under the "cosmetic" theme (see "POLICY THEMES" in

       The check is good if you've got "Locale::TextDomain" as boilerplate code in most of your
       program, but in some modules it's unused.  You can remove it entirely from non-interactive
       modules, or comment it out from modules which might have messages but don't yet.  The best
       thing picked up is when your boilerplate has got into a programmatic module which
       shouldn't say anything at the user level.

       The saving from removing unused "Locale::TextDomain" is modest, just some imports and a
       hash entry holding the "textdomain" for the package.

       It's easy to imagine a general kind of "module imported but unused" policy check, but in
       practice its hard for perlcritic to know the automatic imports of every module, and quite
       a few modules have side-effects, so this TextDomainUnused policy just starts with one case
       of an unused include.

   Interpolated Variables
       The variables "%__" and "$__" are recognised in double-quote interpolated strings just by
       looking for a "$__" somewhere in the string, eg.

           print "*** $__{'A Message'} ***\n";  # ok

       It's not hard to trick the recognition with escapes, or a hash slice style, but in general
       taking any "$__" to be a TextDomain use is close enough.  (Perhaps in the future PPI will
       do a full parse of interpolated expressions.)


       Perl::Critic::Pulp, Perl::Critic, Locale::TextDomain,




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