Provided by: libperl-destruct-level-perl_0.02-2build5_amd64 bug


       Perl::Destruct::Level - Allow to change perl's destruction level


           use Perl::Destruct::Level level => 1;

           my $current_destruct_level = Perl::Destruct::Level::get_destruct_level();


       This module allows one to change perl's internal destruction level.

       The default value of the destruct level is 0; it means that perl won't bother destroying
       all its internal data structures, but let the OS do the cleanup for it at exit.

       For perls built with debugging support ("-DDEBUGGING"), an environment variable
       "PERL_DESTRUCT_LEVEL" allows one to control the destruction level.  This modules enables
       to modify it on non-debugging perls too.

       Relevant values recognized by perl are 1 and 2. Consult your source code to know exactly
       what they mean. Note that some embedded environments might extend the meaning of the
       destruction level for their own purposes: mod_perl does that, for example.


       This module won't work when used from within an END block.

       Loading the "threads" module will set the destruction level to 2. (This is to enable
       spawned threads to properly cleanup their objects.) Loading modules that load "threads",
       even if they don't spawn threads, will also set the destruction level to 2. (A common
       example of such a module is "Test::Builder".)


       Copyright (c) 2007 Rafael Garcia-Suarez. This program is free software; you may
       redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


       perlrun, perlhack