Provided by: libperlanet-perl_1.1.3-1_all bug


       Perlanet::Simple - a DWIM Perlanet


         use Perlanet::Simple;

         my $perlanet = Perlanet::Simple->new_with_config(
           configfile => 'perlanet.yaml'


       Perlanet provides the driving force behind all Perlanet applications, but it doesn't do a
       whole lot, which means you would normally have to write the functionality you require.
       However, in the motive of simplicity, Perlanet::Simple glues enough stuff together to
       allow you to get a very quick planet working out of the box.

       Perlanet::Simple takes the standard Perlanet module, and adds support for caching, OPML
       feed generation, and Template rendering support. It will also attempt to clean each post
       using both HTML::Scrubber and HTML::Tidy.

       Perlanet::Simple uses Perlanet::Trait::YAMLConfig to allow you to specify configuration
       through a file.

       Some custom cleaning code to remove a nasty piece of BlogSpot HTML (and still running all
       other cleaning traits)