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       Petal::Hash::Test - Test and Tutorial Petal modifier


       Petal modifiers are snippets of code which are used to extend the expression engine
       capabilities. This test shows how to write your own modifiers.


       The modifier API is very, very simple. It consists of two elements:

   The package name
       Your modifier should be called Petal::Hash::<SomeThing>, where <SomeThing> is the name
       that you want to give to your modifier.

       For example, this modifier is called Petal::Hash::Test. Petal will automatically pick it
       the module up and assign it the 'test:' prefix.

           package Petal::Hash::Test;
           use warnings;
           use strict;

   The method $class->process ($hash, $argument);
       This class method will define the modifier in itself.

       * $class is the package name of your modifier (which might come in handy if you're
       subclassing a modifier),

       * $hash is the execution context, i.e. the objects and data which will 'fill' your

       * $argument is whatever was after your modifier's prefix. For example, for the expression
       'test:foo bar', $argument would be 'foo bar'.

       In this test / tutorial we're going to write a modifier which uppercases a Petal

         sub process
             my $class    = shift;
             my $hash     = shift;
             my $argument = shift;

             return uc ($hash->get ($argument));



       And that's it! Simple!


       Jean-Michel Hiver

       This module is redistributed under the same license as Perl itself.


       The template hash module: