Provided by: libplucene-perl_1.25-4_all bug


       Plucene::Index::Term - a word from text


               my $term = Plucene::Index::Term->new({
                               field => $field_name,
                               text  => $text,

               # with two Plucene::Index::Term objects you can do:

               if ($term1->eq($term2)) { ... }

               # etc


       A Term represents a word from text, and is the unit of search.  It is composed of two
       elements, the text of the word, as a string, and the name of the field that the text
       occured in, as a string.

       Note that terms may represent more than words from text fields, but also things like
       dates, email addresses, urls, etc.


   eq / ne / lt / gt / ge / le
       Exactly what you would think they are.