Provided by: libplucene-perl_1.25-4_all bug


       Plucene::Search::Query - base class for queries


               my $s_query = Plucene::Search::Query::Subclass->new({
                       boost => $boost_factor});

               my $scorer = $s_query->scorer($query, $searcher, $reader);


       This is an abstract base class for queries.

       A query is a specification of the content an properties of the desired documents. Every
       search is done by matching a query against the document index and locating the ones that
       match the query.

       The simplest query specifies a single term (or word) that is to be matched against a
       single field (e.g. 'author') of each of the documents in the index.  This kind of query
       matches any document that contains the term in the specified field.

       A more complex queries may contain nested queries with 'and', 'or', 'not' or 'phrase'
       relations. Queries may also contains specification of which document fields to match
       against the various parts of the query (.e.g.  'authors' and 'title') and hints that may
       effects the ranking of the matched documents ('boost' factor).


               my $s_query = Plucene::Search::Query::Subclass->new({
                       boost => $boost_factor});

       Get / set this attribute

               my $scorer = $s_query->scorer
                       (Plucene::Search::Query $query, $searcher, $reader);

       Does nothing

   sum_squared_weights / normalize  / _scorer
       These must be defined in a subclass