Provided by: libpod-readme-perl_1.2.3-1_all bug


       Pod::Readme::Plugin::requires - Include requirements in README


         =for readme plugin requires


       This is a plugin for Pod::Readme that includes module requirements from the META.yml file.

       Because this depends on the META.yml file, the README should be generated after that file
       has been updated.


         =for readme plugin version from-file='MYMETA.yml'

       By default, it will extract the version from the META.yml file. If, for some reason, this
       file is in a non-standard location, then you should specify it here.

       The file will be ignored if the "zilla" attribute is set, and instead obtain metadata from
       the Dist::Zilla object (since the META.yml file may not exist.)

       By default, core modules for the version of Perl specified in the META.yml file are
       omitted from this list.  If you prefer to lise all requirements, then specify this option.

         =for readme plugin version title='REQUIREMENTS'

       This argument allows you to change the title of the heading.


       ยท   Trailing zeros in module versions may be dropped.

           If you specify a minimum version of a module with a trailing zero, e.g. "0.30", then
           it may be shown as "0.3".  A workaround is to specify the module version in your
           Makefile.PL as a string instead of number:

               'CPAN::Changes' => '0.30',