Provided by: libpod-readme-perl_1.2.3-1_all bug


       Pod::Readme::Types - Types used by Pod::Readme


         use Pod::Readme::Types qw/ Indentation /;

         has verbatim_indent => (
           is      => 'ro',
           isa     => Indentation,
           default => 2,


       This module provides types for use with the modules in Pod::Readme.

       It is intended for internal use, although some of these may be useful for writing plugins
       (see Pod::Readme::Plugin).


       None by default. All functions must be explicitly exported.

       The indentation level used for verbatim text. Must be an integer greater than or equal to

       A heading level, used for plugin headings.

       Must be either 1, 2 or 3. (Note that "=head4" is not allowed, since some plugins use

       A name of a target, e.g. "readme".

       A directory. Can be a string or Path::Tiny object.

       A file. Can be a string or Path::Tiny object.

       An IO::Handle or IO::String object.

       "IO" types, which coerce filehandles to read/write <IO:Handles>, respectively.