Provided by: librdf-query-perl_2.918-1_all bug


       RDF::Query::Algebra - Base class for Algebra expressions


       This document describes RDF::Query::Algebra version 2.918.


           Returns a list of the variable names used in this algebra expression that will bind
           values during execution.

           Returns a list of the blank node names used in this algebra expression.

           Returns a list of the Function URIs used in this algebra expression.

           Returns true if blank nodes respect the SPARQL rule of no blank-label re-use across
           BGPs, otherwise throws a RDF::Query::Error::QueryPatternError exception.

       "qualify_uris ( \%namespaces, $base_uri )"
           Returns a new algebra pattern where all referenced Resource nodes representing QNames
           (ns:local) are qualified using the supplied %namespaces.

       "bind_variables ( \%bound )"
           Returns a new algebra pattern with variables named in %bound replaced by their
           corresponding bound values.

           Returns true if this node is a solution modifier.

       "subpatterns_of_type ( $type [, $block] )"
           Returns a list of Algebra patterns matching $type (tested with "isa").  If $block is
           given, then matching stops descending a subtree if the current node is of type $block,
           continuing matching on other subtrees.  This list includes the current algebra object
           if it matches $type, and is generated in infix order.

       "from_sse ( $sse, \%context )"
           Given an SSE serialization, returns the corresponding algebra expression.


       "triple ( $subj, $pred, $obj )"
           Returns a RDF::Query::Algebra::Triple object with the supplied node objects.

       "bgp ( @triples )"
           Returns a RDF::Query::Algebra::BasicGraphPattern object with the supplied triples.

       "ggp ( @patterns )"
           Returns a RDF::Query::Algebra::GroupGraphPattern object with the supplied algebra


        Gregory Todd Williams <>