Provided by: librdf-query-perl_2.918-1_all bug


       RDF::Query::Expression::Function - Class for Function expressions


       This document describes RDF::Query::Expression::Function version 2.918.


       Beyond the methods documented below, this class inherits methods from the
       RDF::Query::Expression class.

       "new ( $uri, @arguments )"
           Returns a new Expr structure.

           Returns the URI of the function.

           Returns a list of the arguments to the function.

           Returns the SSE string for this algebra expression.

           Returns the SPARQL string for this algebra expression.

           Returns the type of this algebra expression.

       "qualify_uris ( \%namespaces, $base_uri )"
           Returns a new algebra pattern where all referenced Resource nodes representing QNames
           (ns:local) are qualified using the supplied %namespaces.

       "evaluate ( $query, \%bound, $context )"
           Evaluates the expression using the supplied bound variables.  Will return a
           RDF::Query::Node object.


        Gregory Todd Williams <>