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       RDF::Trine::Statement::Quad - Class for quads and quad patterns


       This document describes RDF::Trine::Statement::Quad version 1.019


       Beyond the methods documented below, this class inherits methods from the
       RDF::Trine::Statement class.

       "new ( $s, $p, $o, $c )"
           Returns a new Quad structure.

           Returns the subject, predicate and object of the triple pattern.

           Returns the method names for accessing the nodes of this statement.

           Returns the graph node of the quad pattern.

           Returns the SSE string for this algebra expression.

           Returns the type of this algebra expression.

       "from_redland ( $statement, $name )"
           Given a RDF::Redland::Statement object and a graph name, returns a perl-native
           RDF::Trine::Statement::Quad object.


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       Gregory Todd Williams  "<>"


       Copyright (c) 2006-2012 Gregory Todd Williams. This program is free software; you can
       redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.