Provided by: librdf-ldf-perl_0.24-1_all bug


       RDF::Trine::Store::LDF - RDF Store proxy for a Linked Data Fragment endpoint


           use RDF::Trine::Store::LDF;
           use RDF::Trine::Store;

           my $store = RDF::Trine::Store->new_with_config({
                   storetype => 'LDF',
                   url => $url

           my $it = $store->get_statements();

           while (my $st = $it->next) {
               # $st is a RDF::Trine::Statement
               print "$st\n";

           # Or query the store with SPAQRL

           use RDF::Query;
           my $model =  RDF::Trine::Model->new($store);

           my $rdf_query = RDF::Query->new(<<EOF);

           my $iter = $rdf_query->execute($model);

           while (my $s = $iter->next) {
               # $s is a RDF::Trine::VariableBinding
               print $s->value . "\n";


       RDF::Trine::Store::LDF provides a RDF::Trine::Store API to interact with a remote Linked
       Data Fragment endpoint. For details see: <>.


       Beyond the methods documented below, this class inherits methods from the
       RDF::Trine::Store class.

       new({ url => url })
           Returns a new RDF::Trine::Store object that will act as a proxy for the Linked Data
           Fragment endpoint accessible via the supplied $url.

           Expertimental: more than one url as an ARRAY reference can be provided for an
           federated query over many LDF endpoints.

       new_with_config( $hashref )
           Returns a new RDF::Trine::Store object configured by a hashref with the url as
           required key.

       get_statements( $subject, $predicate, $object )
           Returns a stream object of all statements matching the specified subject, predicate
           and objects.  Any of the arguments may be undef to match any value.

       get_pattern( $bgp )
           Returns an iterator object of all bindings matching the specified graph pattern.

           Not supported.

       add_statement ( $statement [, $context] )
           Not supported.

       remove_statement ( $statement [, $context])
           Not supported.

       remove_statements ( $subject, $predicate, $object [, $context])
           Not supported.

       count_statements ( $subject, $predicate, $object )
           Returns a count of all the statements matching the specified subject, predicate and
           object.  Any of the arguments may be undef to match any value.

           Returns the number of statements in the store.

       supports ( [ $feature ] )
           Not supported.


       Patrick Hochstenbach, "patrick.hochstenbach at"


       Gregory Todd Williams, ""


       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of
       either: the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; or
       the Artistic License.

       See <> for more information.