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       RDF::vCard::Importer - import RDF data from vCard format


        use RDF::vCard;
        use RDF::TrineShortcuts qw':all';

        my $importer = RDF::vCard::Importer->new;
        print $_
               foreach $importer->import_file('contacts.vcf');
        print rdf_string($importer->model => 'RDFXML');


       This module reads vCards and writes RDF.

       ·   "new(%options)"

           Returns a new RDF::vCard::Importer object and initialises it.

           The only valid option currently is ua which can be set to an LWP::UserAgent for those
           rare occasions that the Importer needs to fetch stuff from the Web.

       ·   "init"

           Reinitialise the importer. Forgets any cards that have already been imported.

       ·   "model"

           Return an RDF::Trine::Model containing data for all cards that have been imported
           since the importer was last initialised.

       ·   "import_file($filename, %options)"

           Imports vCard data from a file on the file system.

           The data is added to the importer's model (and can be retrieved using the "model"

           This function returns a list of RDF::vCard::Entity objects, so it's also possible to
           access the data that way.

           There is currently only one supported option: "lang" which takes an ISO language code
           indicating the default language of text within the vCard data.

       ·   "import_fh($filehandle, %options)"

           As per "import_file", but operates on a file handle.

       ·   "import_string($string, %options)"

           As per "import_file", but operates on vCard data in a string.

       ·   "import_url($url)"

           As per "import_file", but fetches vCard data from a Web address.

           Sends an HTTP Accept header of:


   vCard Input
       vCard 3.0 should be supported fairly completely. Some vCard 4.0 constructs will also work.

       Much of the heavy lifting is performed by Text::vFile::asData, so this module may be
       affected by bugs in that distribution.

   RDF Output
       Output uses the newer of the 2010 revision of the W3C's vCard vocabulary
       <>. (Note that even though this was revised in
       2010, the term URIs include "2006" in them.)

       Some extensions from the namespace <> are also output.

       The AGENT property is currently omitted from output. This will be added in a later






       Toby Inkster <>.


       Copyright 2011 Toby Inkster

       This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.