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       Rose::DB::Cache::Entry - A cache entry for use with Rose::DB::Cache objects.


         package My::DB::Cache::Entry;

         use base 'Rose::DB::Cache::Entry';

         package My::DB::Cache;

         use base 'Rose::DB::Cache';

         use My::DB::Cache::Entry;



       Rose::DB::Cache::Entry provides both an API and a default implementation of a cache entry
       for use with Rose::DB::Cache objects.  A Rose::DB::Cache-derived class uses
       Rose::DB::Cache::Entry-derived objects to store cache entries.

       The default implementation includes attributes for storing the cache key, the cached
       Rose::DB-derived object itself, and some boolean flags.  Subclasses can add new attributes
       as desired.


       new PARAMS
           Constructs a new Rose::DB::Cache::Entry object based on PARAMS, where PARAMS are
           name/value pairs.  Any object method is a valid parameter name.


       created_during_apache_startup [BOOL]
           Get or set a boolean value indicating whether or not the db object this cache entry
           contains was created while the apache server was starting up.

       db [DB]
           Get or set the Rose::DB-derived object stored in this cache entry.

       key [KEY]
           Get or set the cache key for this entry.

       prepared [BOOL]
           Get or set a boolean value indicating whether or not a cache entry is "prepared."  The
           interpretation of this flag is up to the Rose::DB::Cache-derived class that uses this
           entry class.

           Returns true if prepared is true, false otherwise.


       John C. Siracusa (


       Copyright (c) 2010 by John C. Siracusa.  All rights reserved.  This program is free
       software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.