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       SOAP::WSDL::Manual::Glossary - Those acronyms and stuff


   web service
       Web services are RPC (Remote Procedure Call) interfaces accessible via some internet
       protocol, typically via HTTP(S).

       SOAP is (was - since 1.2 the name "SOAP" has no meaning any more) an acronym for Simple
       Object Access Protocol.  SOAP is a W3C recommendation. The latest version of the SOAP
       specification may be found at <>.

       SOAP defines a protocol for message exchange between applications.  The most popular usage
       is to use SOAP for remote procedure calls (RPC).

       While one of the constituting aspects of a web service is its reachability via some
       internet protocol, you might as well define SOAP services accessible via postcards.

       Despite it's former name, SOAP has nothing more to do with objects than cars have with
       pets - SOAP messages may, but not necessarily do carry objects, very much like your car
       may, but does not need to carry your pet.

       WSDL is an acronym for Web Services Description Language.  WSDL is a W3C recommendation.
       The latest version of the WSDL specification may be found at

       WSDL defines a XML-based language for describing web service interfaces, including SOAP

       WS-I (Web Services Interoperability Organization) is an open industry organisation
       chartered to promote Web service interoperability across platforms, operating systems, and
       programming languages.

       WS-I publishes profiles, which provide implementation guidelines for how related Web
       services specifications should be used together for best interoperability. To date, WS-I
       has finalized the Basic Profile, Attachments Profile and Simple SOAP Binding Profile.

       SOAP::WSDL aims at complying to the WS-I Basic Profile (but does not implement full
       support yet).

   SOAP message styles

       Meant for transporting a RPC message. All contents of the SOAP body are put into a top-
       level node named equal to the SOAP operation.

       WS-I Basic Profile allows the use of rpc message style.

       SOAP::WSDL does not support rpc message style yet.

       SOAP::Lite supports rpc message style only.


       Meant for transporting arbitrary content. No additional nodes are inserted between the
       SOAP body and the actual content.

       WS-I Basic Profile allows the use of document message style.

   SOAP encoding styles



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