Provided by: libsql-translator-perl_0.11024-1_all bug


       SQL::Translator::Filter::Globals - Add global fields and indices to all tables.


         # e.g. Add timestamp field to all tables.
         use SQL::Translator;

         my $sqlt = SQL::Translator->new(
             from => 'MySQL',
             to   => 'MySQL',
             filters => [
               Globals => {
                   fields => [
                           name => 'modified'
                           data_type => 'TIMESTAMP'
                   indices => [
                           fields => 'modifed',
                   constraints => [
         ) || die "SQLFairy error : ".SQL::Translator->error;
         my $sql = $sqlt->translate || die "SQLFairy error : ".$sqlt->error;


       Adds global fields, indices and constraints to all tables in the schema.  The globals to
       add can either be defined in the filter args or using a _GLOBAL_ table (see below).

       If a table already contains a field with the same name as a global then it is skipped for
       that table.

   The _GLOBAL_ Table
       An alternative to using the args is to add a table called "_GLOBAL_" to the schema and
       then just use the filter. Any fields and indices defined on this table will be added to
       all the tables in the schema and the _GLOBAL_ table removed.

       The name of the global can be changed using a "global_table" arg to the filter.


       perl(1), SQL::Translator


       Will generate duplicate indices if an index already exists on a table the same as one
       added globally.

       Will generate duplicate constraints if a constraint already exists on a table the same as
       one added globally.


       Some extra data values that can be used to control the global addition. e.g.


       Mark Addison <>