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       SVN::Hooks::Generic - Implement generic checks for all Subversion hooks.


       version 1.34


       This SVN::Hooks plugin allows you to easily write generic checks for all Subversion
       standard hooks. It's deprecated. You should use the SVN::Hooks hook defining exported
       directives instead.

       This module is configured by the following directive.

       This directive associates FUNCTION with a specific HOOK. You can make more than one
       association with a single directive call, or you can use multiple calls to make multiple
       associations. Moreover, you can associate a hook with a single function or with a list of
       functions (passing them as elements of an array). All functions associated with a hook
       will be called in an unspecified order with the same arguments.

       Each hook must be associated with functions with a specific signature, i.e., the arguments
       that are passed to the function depends on the hook to which it is associated.

       The hooks are specified by their standard names.

       The function signatures are the following:

       post-lock(repos-path, username)
       post-revprop-change(SVN::Look, username, property-name, action)
       post-unlock(repos-path, username)
       pre-lock(repos-path, path, username, comment, steal-lock-flag)
       pre-revprop-change(SVN::Look, username, property-name, action)
       pre-unlock(repos-path, path, username, lock-token, break-unlock-flag)
       start-commit(repos-path, username, capabilities, txt-name)

       The functions may perform whatever checks they want. If the checks succeed the function
       must simply return. Otherwise, they must die with a suitable error message, which will be
       sent back to the user performing the Subversion action which triggered the hook.

       The sketch below shows how this directive could be used.

               sub my_start_commit {
                   my ($repo_path, $username, $capabilities, $txt_name) = @_;
                   # ...

               sub my_pre_commit {
                   my ($svnlook) = @_;
                   # ...

                   'start-commit' => \&my_start_commit,
                   'pre-commit'   => \&my_pre_commit,


       Gustavo L. de M. Chaves <>


       This software is copyright (c) 2016 by CPqD <>.

       This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as
       the Perl 5 programming language system itself.