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       Search::Elasticsearch::Role::Serializer::JSON - A Serializer role for JSON modules


       version 6.00


       This role encodes Perl data structures into JSON strings, and decodes JSON strings into
       Perl data structures.


           $bytes = $serializer->encode($ref);
           $bytes = $serializer->encode($str);

       The "encode()" method converts array and hash refs into their JSON equivalents.  If a
       string is passed in, it is returned as the UTF8 encoded version of itself.  The empty
       string and "undef" are returned as is.

           $bytes = $serializer->encode_pretty($ref);
           $bytes = $serializer->encode_pretty($str);

       Works exactly as "encode()" but the JSON output is pretty-printed.

           $bytes = $serializer->encode_bulk([\%hash,\%hash,...]);
           $bytes = $serializer->encode_bulk([$str,$str,...]);

       The "encode_bulk()" method expects an array ref of hashes or strings.  Each hash or string
       is processed by "encode()" then joined together by newline characters, with a final
       newline character appended to the end.  This is the special JSON format used for bulk

           $var = $serializer->decode($json_bytes);
           $str = $serializer->decode($bytes);

       If the passed in value looks like JSON (ie starts with a "{" or "[" character), then it is
       decoded from JSON, otherwise it is returned as the UTF8 decoded version of itself. The
       empty string and "undef" are returned as is.


       Clinton Gormley <>


       This software is Copyright (c) 2017 by Elasticsearch BV.

       This is free software, licensed under:

         The Apache License, Version 2.0, January 2004

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