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       Sisimai::MIME - MIME Utilities


           use Sisimai::MIME;

           my $e = '=?utf-8?B?55m954yr44Gr44KD44KT44GT?=';
           my $v = Sisimai::MIME->is_mimeencoded(\$e);
           print $v;   # 1

           my $x = Sisimai::MIME->mimedecode([$e]);
           print $x;


       Sisimai::MIME is MIME Utilities for "Sisimai".


   "is_mimeencoded(Scalar Reference)"
       "is_mimeencoded()" returns that the argument is MIME-Encoded string or not.

           my $e = '=?utf-8?B?55m954yr44Gr44KD44KT44GT?=';
           my $v = Sisimai::MIME->is_mimeencoded(\$e);  # 1

       "mimedecode()" is a decoder method for getting the original string from MIME Encoded
       string in email headers.

           my $r = '=?utf-8?B?55m954yr44Gr44KD44KT44GT?=';
           my $v = Sisimai::MIME->mimedecode([$r]);

       "base64d" is a decoder method for getting the original string from MIME Base564 encoded

           my $r = '44Gr44KD44O844KT';
           my $v = Sisimai::MIME->base64d(\$r);

       "qprintd" is a decoder method for getting the original string from MIME Quoted- printable
       encoded string.

           my $r = '=4e=65=6b=6f';
           my $v = Sisimai::MIME->qprintd(\$r);

       "boundary()" returns a boundary string from the value of Content-Type header.

           my $r = 'Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary=Apple-Mail-1-526612466';
           my $v = Sisimai::MIME->boundary($r);
           print $v;   # Apple-Mail-1-526612466

           print Sisimai::MIME->boundary($r, 0); # --Apple-Mail-1-526612466

           print Sisimai::MIME->boundary($r, 1); # --Apple-Mail-1-526612466--
   "breaksup(\String, String)"
       "breaksup" is a multipart/* message decoder: Decode quoted-printable, base64, and other
       encoded message part, leave only text/plain, message/*, text/html (only in
       multipart/alternative), returns string as a reference. This method is called from
       makeflat() and breaksup() itself.

   "makeflat(String, \String)"
       "makeflat" makes flat multipart/* message: it leaves only text/html, message/*, and
       text/html (Content-Type of upper part is not multipart/alternative) part.  In other words,
       this method remove parts which is not needed to parse bounce message such as image/*,
       text/html inside of multipart/alternative.

           my $r = 'multipart/report; ...';    # Content-Type: MIME type, boundary
           my $b = '...';                      # Multipart message body
           my $v = Sisimai::MIME->makeflat($r, \$b);   # Returns scalar reference
           print $$v;                  # Flatten message body




       Copyright (C) 2014-2016,2018-2019 azumakuniyuki, All rights reserved.


       This software is distributed under The BSD 2-Clause License.