Provided by: libsisimai-perl_4.25.2-1_all bug


       Sisimai::Reason::UserUnknown - Bounce reason is "userunknown" or not.


           use Sisimai::Reason::UserUnknown;
           print Sisimai::Reason::UserUnknown->match('550 5.1.1 Unknown User');   # 1


       Sisimai::Reason::UserUnknown checks the bounce reason is "userunknown" or not.  This class
       is called only Sisimai::Reason class.

       This is the error that a local part (Left hand side of @ sign) of a recipient's email
       address does not exist. In many case, a user has changed internet service provider, or has
       quit company, or the local part is misspelled. Sisimai will set "userunknown" to the
       reason of email bounce if the value of Status: field in a bounce email is 5.1.1, or
       connection was refused at SMTP RCPT command, or the contents of Diagnostic-Code: field
       represents that it is unknown user.

           <>: host[] said:
             550 5.1.1 Address rejected (in reply to
             RCPT TO command)


       "text()" returns string: "userunknown".

           print Sisimai::Reason::UserUnknown->text;  # userunknown

       "match()" returns 1 if the argument matched with patterns defined in this class.

           print Sisimai::Reason::UserUnknown->match('550 5.1.1 Unknown User');   # 1

       "true()" returns 1 if the bounce reason is "userunknown". The argument must be
       Sisimai::Data object and this method is called only from Sisimai::Reason class.




       Copyright (C) 2014-2019 azumakuniyuki, All rights reserved.


       This software is distributed under The BSD 2-Clause License.