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       Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate - a port to Perl of the syntax highlight engine of the
       Kate text editor.


        #if you want to create a compiled executable, you may want to do this:
        use Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate::All;

        use Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate;
        my $hl = Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate->new(
            language      => 'Perl',
            substitutions => {
                "<"  => "&lt;",
                ">"  => "&gt;",
                "&"  => "&amp;",
                " "  => "&nbsp;",
                "\t" => "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;",
                "\n" => "<BR>\n",
            format_table => {
                Alert        => [ "<font color=\"#0000ff\">",       "</font>" ],
                BaseN        => [ "<font color=\"#007f00\">",       "</font>" ],
                BString      => [ "<font color=\"#c9a7ff\">",       "</font>" ],
                Char         => [ "<font color=\"#ff00ff\">",       "</font>" ],
                Comment      => [ "<font color=\"#7f7f7f\"><i>",    "</i></font>" ],
                DataType     => [ "<font color=\"#0000ff\">",       "</font>" ],
                DecVal       => [ "<font color=\"#00007f\">",       "</font>" ],
                Error        => [ "<font color=\"#ff0000\"><b><i>", "</i></b></font>" ],
                Float        => [ "<font color=\"#00007f\">",       "</font>" ],
                Function     => [ "<font color=\"#007f00\">",       "</font>" ],
                IString      => [ "<font color=\"#ff0000\">",       "" ],
                Keyword      => [ "<b>",                            "</b>" ],
                Normal       => [ "",                               "" ],
                Operator     => [ "<font color=\"#ffa500\">",       "</font>" ],
                Others       => [ "<font color=\"#b03060\">",       "</font>" ],
                RegionMarker => [ "<font color=\"#96b9ff\"><i>",    "</i></font>" ],
                Reserved     => [ "<font color=\"#9b30ff\"><b>",    "</b></font>" ],
                String       => [ "<font color=\"#ff0000\">",       "</font>" ],
                Variable     => [ "<font color=\"#0000ff\"><b>",    "</b></font>" ],
                Warning      => [ "<font color=\"#0000ff\"><b><i>", "</b></i></font>" ],


        my $hl = Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate::Perl->new(
            substitutions => {
                # ...
            format_table => {
                # ...

        print "<html>\n<head>\n</head>\n<body>\n";
        while ( my $in = <> ) {
            print $hl->highlightText($in);
        print "</body>\n</html>\n";


       This module is now deprecated.

       It is superseded and replaced by Syntax::Kamelon.  Best use Syntax::Kamelon for new

       Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate is a port to Perl of the syntax highlight engine of the
       Kate text editor.

       The language XML files of Kate have been rewritten to Perl modules using a script. These
       modules function as plugins to this module.

       Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate inherits Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate::Template.


           Specify the language you want highlighted. Look in the PLUGINS section for supported

           If you created your own language plugins you may specify a list of them with this

            plugins => [
              ["MyModuleName", "MyLanguageName", "*,ext1;*.ext2", "Section"],

           This option must be specified if the highlightText method needs to do anything useful
           for you.  All mentioned keys in the synopsis must be specified.

           With this option you can specify additional formatting options.


           Returns a reference to the extensions hash.

           Sets and returns the current language that is highlighted. When setting the language a
           reset is also done.

           Suggests language name for the given file $filename.

           Returns a list of languages for which plugins have been defined.

       languagePlug($language, ?$insensitive?)
           Returns the module name of the plugin for $language.

           If $insensitive is set it will also try to match names ignoring case and return the
           correct module name of the plugin.

           e.g. "$highlighter->languagePlug('HtMl', 1);" will return "HTML".

           Suggests language name for the given file $filename.

           Returns a reference to the sections hash.


       In the Kate XML syntax files you find under the section <itemDatas> entries like
       "<itemData name="Unknown Property" defStyleNum="dsError" italic="1"/>". Kate is an editor
       so it is ok to have definitions for foreground and background colors and so on. However,
       since this module is supposed to be a more universal highlight engine, the attributes need
       to be fully abstract. In which case, Kate does not have enough default attributes defined
       to fulfill all needs. Kate defines the following standard attributes:

       ·   dsNormal

       ·   dsKeyword

       ·   dsDataType

       ·   dsDecVal

       ·   dsBaseN

       ·   dsFloat

       ·   dsChar

       ·   dsString

       ·   dsComment

       ·   dsOthers

       ·   dsAlert

       ·   dsFunction

       ·   dsRegionMarker

       ·   dsError

       This module leaves out the <ds> part and uses following additional attributes:

       ·   BString

       ·   IString

       ·   Operator

       ·   Reserved

       ·   Variable

       I have modified the XML files so that each highlight mode would get its own attribute. In
       quite a few cases still not enough attributes were defined. So in some languages different
       modes have the same attribute.


       Below is an overview of existing plugins. All have been tested on use and can be created.
       The ones for which no sample file is available are marked. Those marked OK have
       highlighted the test file without apparent mistakes. This does not mean that all bugs are
       shaken out.

        LANGUAGE             MODULE                   COMMENT
        ********             ******                   ******
        .desktop             Desktop                  OK
        4GL                  FourGL                   No sample file
        4GL-PER              FourGLminusPER           No sample file
        ABC                  ABC                      OK
        AHDL                 AHDL                     OK
        ANSI C89             ANSI_C89                 No sample file
        ASP                  ASP                      OK
        AVR Assembler        AVR_Assembler            OK
        AWK                  AWK                      OK
        Ada                  Ada                      No sample file
                             Alerts                   OK hidden module
        Ansys                Ansys                    No sample file
        Apache Configuration Apache_Configuration     No sample file
        Asm6502              Asm6502                  No sample file
        Bash                 Bash                     OK
        BibTeX               BibTeX                   OK
        C                    C                        No sample file
        C#                   Cdash                    No sample file
        C++                  Cplusplus                OK
        CGiS                 CGiS                     No sample file
        CMake                CMake                    OK
        CSS                  CSS                      OK
        CUE Sheet            CUE_Sheet                No sample file
        Cg                   Cg                       No sample file
        ChangeLog            ChangeLog                No sample file
        Cisco                Cisco                    No sample file
        Clipper              Clipper                  OK
        ColdFusion           ColdFusion               No sample file
        Common Lisp          Common_Lisp              OK
        Component-Pascal     ComponentminusPascal     No sample file
        D                    D                        No sample file
        Debian Changelog     Debian_Changelog         No sample file
        Debian Control       Debian_Control           No sample file
        Diff                 Diff                     No sample file
        Doxygen              Doxygen                  OK
        E Language           E_Language               OK
        Eiffel               Eiffel                   No sample file
        Email                Email                    OK
        Euphoria             Euphoria                 OK
        Fortran              Fortran                  OK
        FreeBASIC            FreeBASIC                No sample file
        GDL                  GDL                      No sample file
        GLSL                 GLSL                     OK
        GNU Assembler        GNU_Assembler            No sample file
        GNU Gettext          GNU_Gettext              No sample file
        HTML                 HTML                     OK
        Haskell              Haskell                  OK
        IDL                  IDL                      No sample file
        ILERPG               ILERPG                   No sample file
        INI Files            INI_Files                No sample file
        Inform               Inform                   No sample file
        Intel x86 (NASM)     Intel_X86_NASM           seems to have issues
        JSP                  JSP                      OK
        Java                 Java                     OK
        JavaScript           JavaScript               OK
        Javadoc              Javadoc                  No sample file
        KBasic               KBasic                   No sample file
        Kate File Template   Kate_File_Template       No sample file
        LDIF                 LDIF                     No sample file
        LPC                  LPC                      No sample file
        LaTeX                LaTex                    OK
        Lex/Flex             Lex_Flex                 OK
        LilyPond             LilyPond                 OK
        Literate Haskell     Literate_Haskell         OK
        Lua                  Lua                      No sample file
        M3U                  M3U                      OK
        MAB-DB               MABminusDB               No sample file
        MIPS Assembler       MIPS_Assembler           No sample file
        Makefile             Makefile                 No sample file
        Mason                Mason                    No sample file
        Matlab               Matlab                   has issues
        Modula-2             Modulaminus2             No sample file
        Music Publisher      Music_Publisher          No sample file
        Octave               Octave                   OK
        PHP (HTML)           PHP_HTML                 OK
                             PHP_PHP                  OK hidden module
        POV-Ray              POV_Ray                  OK
        Pascal               Pascal                   No sample file
        Perl                 Perl                     OK
        PicAsm               PicAsm                   OK
        Pike                 Pike                     OK
        PostScript           PostScript               OK
        Prolog               Prolog                   No sample file
        PureBasic            PureBasic                OK
        Python               Python                   OK
        Quake Script         Quake_Script             No sample file
        R Script             R_Script                 No sample file
        REXX                 REXX                     No sample file
        RPM Spec             RPM_Spec                 No sample file
        RSI IDL              RSI_IDL                  No sample file
        RenderMan RIB        RenderMan_RIB            OK
        Ruby                 Ruby                     OK
        SGML                 SGML                     No sample file
        SML                  SML                      No sample file
        SQL                  SQL                      No sample file
        SQL (MySQL)          SQL_MySQL                No sample file
        SQL (PostgreSQL)     SQL_PostgreSQL           No sample file
        Sather               Sather                   No sample file
        Scheme               Scheme                   OK
        Sieve                Sieve                    No sample file
        Spice                Spice                    OK
        Stata                Stata                    OK
        TI Basic             TI_Basic                 No sample file
        TaskJuggler          TaskJuggler              No sample file
        Tcl/Tk               TCL_Tk                   OK
        UnrealScript         UnrealScript             OK
        VHDL                 VHDL                     No sample file
        VRML                 VRML                     OK
        Velocity             Velocity                 No sample file
        Verilog              Verilog                  No sample file
        WINE Config          WINE_Config              No sample file
        Wikimedia            Wikimedia                No sample file
        XML                  XML                      OK
        XML (Debug)          XML_Debug                No sample file
        Yacc/Bison           Yacc_Bison               OK
        de_DE                De_DE                    No sample file
        en_EN                En_EN                    No sample file
        ferite               Ferite                   No sample file
        nl                   Nl                       No sample file
        progress             Progress                 No sample file
        scilab               Scilab                   No sample file
        txt2tags             Txt2tags                 No sample file Configuration  X_org_Configuration      OK
        xHarbour             XHarbour                 OK
        xslt                 Xslt                     No sample file
        yacas                Yacas                    No sample file

       Module Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate::Convert::ToolKit and script hl-kate-convert can be
       used to convert existing Kate/KTextEditor Syntax Highlighting file from XML format to


       Float is detected differently than in the Kate editor.

       The regular expression engine of the Kate editor, qregexp, appears to be more tolerant to
       mistakes in regular expressions than Perl. This might lead to error messages and
       differences in behaviour.  Most of the problems were sorted out while developing, because
       error messages appeared. For as far as differences in behaviour is concerned, testing is
       the only way to find out, so I hope the users out there will be able to tell me more.

       This module is mimicking the behaviour of the syntax highlight engine of the Kate editor.
       If you find a bug/mistake in the highlighting, please check if Kate behaves in the same
       way. If yes, the cause is likely to be found there.


       Rebuild the scripts I am using to generate the modules from XML files so they are more
       pro-actively tracking flaws in the build of the XML files like missing lists. Also regular
       expressions in the XML can be tested better before they are used in plugins.

       Refine the test methods in Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate::Template, so that choices for
       case sensitivity, dynamic behaviour and lookahead can be determined at generate time of
       the plugin, might increase throughput.

       Implement code folding.


       All the people who wrote Kate and the syntax highlight XML files.


       This module is written and maintained by:

       Hans Jeuken < haje at toneel dot demon dot nl >

       Copyright (c) 2006 by Hans Jeuken, all rights reserved.

       You may freely distribute and/or modify this module under the same terms as Perl itself.


       ·   Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate::Template

       ·   <>

       ·   KTextEditor Syntax Highlighting Repository