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       Sys::Statistics::Linux::MemStats - Collect linux memory information.


           use Sys::Statistics::Linux::MemStats;

           my $lxs  = Sys::Statistics::Linux::MemStats->new;
           my $stat = $lxs->get;


       Sys::Statistics::Linux::MemStats gathers memory statistics from the virtual /proc
       filesystem (procfs).

       For more information read the documentation of the front-end module


       Generated by /proc/meminfo.

           memused         -  Total size of used memory in kilobytes.
           memfree         -  Total size of free memory in kilobytes.
           memusedper      -  Total size of used memory in percent.
           memtotal        -  Total size of memory in kilobytes.
           buffers         -  Total size of buffers used from memory in kilobytes.
           cached          -  Total size of cached memory in kilobytes.
           realfree        -  Total size of memory is real free (memfree + buffers + cached).
           realfreeper     -  Total size of memory is real free in percent of total memory.
           swapused        -  Total size of swap space is used is kilobytes.
           swapfree        -  Total size of swap space is free in kilobytes.
           swapusedper     -  Total size of swap space is used in percent.
           swaptotal       -  Total size of swap space in kilobytes.
           swapcached      -  Memory that once was swapped out, is swapped back in but still also is in the swapfile.
           active          -  Memory that has been used more recently and usually not reclaimed unless absolutely necessary.
           inactive        -  Memory which has been less recently used and is more eligible to be reclaimed for other purposes.
                              On earlier kernels (2.4) Inact_dirty + Inact_laundry + Inact_clean.

           The following statistics are only available by kernels from 2.6.

           slab            -  Total size of memory in kilobytes that used by kernel for data structure allocations.
           dirty           -  Total size of memory pages in kilobytes that waits to be written back to disk.
           mapped          -  Total size of memory in kilbytes that is mapped by devices or libraries with mmap.
           writeback       -  Total size of memory that was written back to disk.
           committed_as    -  The amount of memory presently allocated on the system.

           The following statistic is only available by kernels from 2.6.9.

           commitlimit     -  Total amount of memory currently available to be allocated on the system.


       Call "new()" to create a new object.

           my $lxs = Sys::Statistics::Linux::MemStats->new;

       It's possible to set the path to the proc filesystem.

               files => {
                   # This is the default
                   path    => '/proc',
                   meminfo => 'meminfo',

       Call "get()" to get the statistics. "get()" returns the statistics as a hash reference.

           my $stat = $lxs->get;


       No exports.




       Please report all bugs to <jschulz.cpan(at)>.


       Jonny Schulz <jschulz.cpan(at)>.


       Copyright (c) 2006, 2007 by Jonny Schulz. All rights reserved.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.