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       System::Sub::AutoLoad - Auto-wrap external commands as DWIM subs


       version 0.162800


   Basic usage
       Any unknown sub will become a "System::Sub".

           use System::Sub::AutoLoad;

           my $hostname = hostname();

   Usage with forward declaration
       Allows to avoid using parentheses. "System::Sub" import stays lazy.

           use System::Sub::AutoLoad qw(hostname);

           my $hostname = hostname;

   Usage with forward declaration command options
       Options definitions will be checked lazily at the first call to the AUTOLOAD for that sub.

           use System::Sub::AutoLoad hostname => [ 0 => '/bin/hostname' ];

           my $hostname = hostname;


       Any unknown sub in your code will be transformed into a "System::Sub" at its first call.
       This is lazy <> import for "System::Sub".

       To avoid using parentheses after the sub name, you usually have to predeclare the sub with
       either a forward declaration (a sub without body such as "sub foo;") or with the "subs"
       module. With "Sytem::Sub::AutoLoad" you can simply list the subs names on the "use" line
       and that will be done for you.

       You can also pass "System::Sub" options to the sub, but they will be lazily analysed: this
       is the full "System::Sub" power, but with lazy import.

   Implementation details
       This module exports an AUTOLOAD sub that will import the sub with "System::Sub" at its
       first call.


       Olivier Mengué, "".


       Copyright © 2012 Olivier Mengué.

       This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl 5 itself.