Provided by: libtangence-perl_0.24-3_all bug


       "Tangence::Meta::Property" - structure representing one "Tangence" property


       This data structure object stores information about one Tangence class property. Once
       constructed, such objects are immutable.


   $property = Tangence::Meta::Property->new( %args )
       Returns a new instance initialised by the given arguments.

       class => Tangence::Meta::Class
               Reference to the containing class

       name => STRING
               Name of the property

       dimension => INT
               Dimension of the property, as one of the "DIM_*" constants from

       type => STRING
               The element type as a Tangence::Meta::Type reference.

       smashed => BOOL
               Optional. If true, marks that the property is smashed.


   $class = $property->class
       Returns the class the property is a member of

   $name = $property->name
       Returns the name of the class

   $dimension = $property->dimension
       Returns the dimension as one of the "DIM_*" constants.

   $type = $property->type
       Returns the element type as a Tangence::Meta::Type reference.

   $type = $property->overall_type
       Returns the type of the entire collection as a Tangence::Meta::Type reference. For scalar
       types this will be the element type. For dict types this will be a hash of the array type.
       For array, queue and objset types this will a list of the element type.

   $smashed = $property->smashed
       Returns true if the property is smashed.


       Paul Evans <>