Provided by: libtangence-perl_0.24-3_all bug


       "Tangence::Server" - mixin class for building a "Tangence" server


       This class is a mixin, it cannot be directly constructed

        package Example::Server;
        use base qw( Base::Server Tangence::Server );

        sub new
           my $class = shift;
           my %args = @_;

           my $registry = delete $args{registry};

           my $self = $class->SUPER::new( %args );

           $self->registry( $registry );

           return $self;

        sub tangence_write
           my $self = shift;
           $self->write( $_[0] );

        sub on_read
           my $self = shift;
           $self->tangence_readfrom( $_[0] );


       This module provides mixin to implement a "Tangence" server connection. It should be mixed
       in to an object used to represent a single connection from a client. It provides a
       location for the objects in server to store information about the client connection, and
       coordinates passing messages between the client and the objects in the server.

       This is a subclass of Tangence::Stream which provides implementations of the required
       "handle_request_" methods. A class mixing in "Tangence::Server" must still provide the
       "write" method required for sending data to the client.

       For an example of a class that uses this mixin, see Net::Async::Tangence::ServerProtocol.


       The following methods are provided by this mixin.

   $server->registry( $registry )
   $registry = $server->registry
       Accessor to set or obtain the Tangence::Registry object for the server.


       Paul Evans <>