Provided by: libtangram-perl_2.12-2_all bug


       Tangram::Driver::SQLite - Orthogonal Object Persistence in SQLite databases


          use Tangram;
          use Tangram::Driver::SQLite;

          $schema = Tangram::Driver::SQLite->schema( $hashref );

          Tangram::Driver::SQLite->deploy($schema, $dbh);

          $storage = Tangram::Driver::SQLite->connect( $schema,
             $data_source, $username, $password );


          Tangram::Driver::SQLite->retreat($schema, $dbh);


       This is the entry point in the SQLite-specific object-relational persistence backend.


       For reasons similar to the Tangram::Driver::Pg module, this back-end automatically encodes
       Tangram::Type::Dump::Storable objects via MIME::Base64 to avoid truncation of values on
       NUL bytes.

       Also, note that despite what is mentioned on the front page of, SQLite is
       not actually an ACID database; any writer to the database has to wait for all other
       writers to finish before they can begin their transaction.

       So make sure you start and complete your transactions as quickly as possible with this